It is time for healing!! Transitioning from a debasing petrodollar recycling dictatorship to a rebased life-capital recycling democracy


Over the past few months, I have taken to John McMurtry’s life value ontoaxiology as his lens and prism has allowed me to make sense out of a lot of nonsense that is unfolding before our eyes. His landmark paper, The Moral Decoding of 9-11‏, has also opened my eyes to the fact that things are not always as they seem, and that what we are programmed to think by The Establishment and Corporate Media as the Official Narrative may be hiding some Deep Politics below the surface of conscious understanding.

John McMurtry’s The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure, Michael Hudson’s Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy and Yanis Varoufakis’ The Global Minotaur provide overlapping information with different vantage points from different perspectives, and this cries out for the discovery of a unifying operating syntax that has ridden and continue to ride roughshod over the ground of all life goods and life capital. (Please see: Taking stock of our life capital and life goods and their decouplings.)  

What I have come to appreciate is that although the money multiplying maximizing sequencing is the fundamental operating syntax of our time that has continued to destroy all that is good, right and just at the organic, social and planetary life level, this cancerous phase of growth must have been fueled by something at the global level. Although John McMurtry has characterized this cancerous growth as a consequence of a dysfunctional value system disorder, for me, given the fluidity and fickleness of our belief systems over time, especially given the rapidity of the appreciation of the exponential growth and understanding of the life knowledge base, there must have been some overriding Machiavellian factor that overruled or suppressed any life-value affirmation in the official narrative.

In order to identify where this cancerous element lies, we need only to identify the engine of this growth and destruction of all life fields, and the prime suspect in this regard is the US petrodollar. I hope to show that the petrodollar recycling scheme provides the means, motives and opportunity to commit unrelenting destruction of life at all levels of investigations. This should not be surprising as the US dollar was debased when its value was coupled to a consumable, non-renewable, pollutable and climate destructive commodity, that has and continues to fuel, inter alia, 1) exponential growth of the population, 2) exponential wars, 3) exponential destruction of communities, 4) exponential destruction of ecosystems, and 5) exponential destruction of our bodies by not only its green house gases and pesticides and fertilisers in the first instance, but by the creation of persistent organic pollutants, non-recyclable plastics, and endocrine disruptors.

The ability of the US Central Bank to print unlimited fiat money, to have unlimited deficit spending, to fund perpetual wars, to snub the rule of international laws that are life-capital enabling, provides the means and opportunity for US-based neoliberal group think to pull off the global hijacking and debasement of all of our life-supporting systems. The motive for this ruling group think can only be an existential one, as all of the machinations we see in our midst right now can be described as one of self-preservation of US hegemony, as we are now dealing with the proverbial bull in a China shop (pardon the pun).

What we need to do now is heal the wounds of this life-destructive operating system at all levels, and rebase our global reserve money system on life-capital sequencing. This would help us to transition from a system where self-preservation based on petrodollar recycling supremacy or national security trumps (pardon the pun) life-capital recycling or global security. All of our trade deals and wealth management exercises and rules of engagement can now be rebased and re-coupled on building mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual caring for all life capital – past, present and future. This would then assist us in moving from a petrodollar recycling dictatorship and catalyse the creation of a more democratic, or better yet, a meritocratic world, where the global insecurity of the world no longer exists, and the raison d’être for 1) wars, be it on drugs, cancer, obesity, and terrorism, and 2) inequality-creating wealth management strategies need never rear their ugly heads again.

Come to think of it, if we have a world system based on renewable energies and we become more food and energy secure and we invest all of our human energies and life resources in healing our bodies, our communities and our planet, there would be no need for war and by extension no need to raise exorbitant amount of taxes to fund them. Instead of having military-intelligence-banking cartels and industrial complexes whose entire purpose is to create weapons of mass control and destruction, we can now have new configurations whose sole purpose is to develop instruments of life affirmation, rehabilitation and healing, and above all life thriving. Then we can work together in building up our trust capital so that the need to profit off of global insecurities and the need to create global problems for profiteering sake, (where privacy and mobility are commoditized in offshore wealth management and citizenship by investment programmes, respectively), would become a footnote in the annals of history as we now become united as one as we become a global citizen in a world without restrictive life-debasing borders. Hopefully a new life-value system of laws can be imagined and co-created where property, tax and labour laws are now reformulated based on life-enabling civil-commons laws and are used as the yardstick by which all of our actions and inactions are life-value justified.


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