Baselines for Human Morality Should Include Species Typicality, Inheritances, Culture, Practice and Ecological Attachment | Darcia Narvaez (2019)

Empirical studies involve WEIRD but also unnested (raised outside humanity’s evolved nest) and underdeveloped participants. Assessing human moral potential needs to integrate a transdisciplinary approach to understanding species typicality and baselines, relevant evolutionary inheritances beyond genes, assessment of cultures and practices that foster (or not) virtue, and ecological morality. Human moral reason (nous) emerges from all of these.

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Triune Ethics Theory by Darcia Narvaez

Reproduced from: TRIUNE ETHICS THEORY Triune Ethics Theory: The neurobiological roots of our multiple moralities (2008) (PDF).       IN WORD Triune Ethics Moral Identities are Shaped by Attachment, Personality Factors and Influence Moral Behavior (ppt) Also see: Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom (Narvaez; W.W. Norton, 2014) TRIUNE ETHICS ORIENTATIONS… Read More