The Failure of Economics – Reality and Language | Professor William Mitchell

Bill Mitchell Published on Mar 7, 2017 This video captures the audio of a presentation by Professor William Mitchell at Maastricht University as part of the Third Annual Joan Muysken Lecture Series, March 7, 2017. This lecture was delivered to academic staff and students at the University which discusses how the mainstream macroeconomics is equivalent… Read More

Demystifying Modern Monetary Theory, Stock-Flow Consistent Macro Models & Deficit Spending 101 | Professor Bill Mitchell

New Economic Thinking Published on Dec 28, 2014 In a challenge to conventional views on modern monetary and fiscal policy, Professor Bill Mitchell of Newcastle University in Australia has emerged as one of the foremost exponents of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), a heterodox challenge to the prevailing paradigms which dominate how mainstream economics is taught… Read More