Riane Eisler’s Cultural Transformation Course

Part 1: Where We Are

Learn how Riane’s personal history as a Holocaust survivor, refugee in Cuba, and front line participant in the 1960’s Women’s Movement crystallized the questions that have animated her life-long scholarship and activism. Does it have to be this way? Is violence and cruelty just ‘human nature’? Or are there alternatives – and if so, what are they?

Part 2: How We Got Here

Take a deep dive into human history through the lens of Partnership and Domination systems to reveal previously invisible patterns. From Stone Age cave art to Minoan Crete, Riane traces the powerful chain of evidence of ongoing celebration of the power to give, nurture, and illuminate life.

Part 3: Human Possibilities and Human Nature

Explore exciting new findings in contemporary neuroscience and primatology that scientifically reveal our innate potentials for caring, empathy and mutuality – and see how the stresses of domination relations can inhibit these potentials at the neurochemical level.

Part 4: Moving Forward

In this final video, Riane leads us through the four cornerstones of a more just and peaceful world, and invites each of us to explore ways we can be part of the cultural transformation from domination to partnership worldwide.

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