CBI in 60 Minutes:  A Reflection by Patrick Martin, MD

4 thoughts on “CBI in 60 Minutes:  A Reflection by Patrick Martin, MD

  1. Bichara,
    I agree with Patrick’s prediction but his comments were incomplete without reference to the issue of the sale of diplomatic passports. That issue is still an open and very concerning one. Dwyer is right in calling for disclosure of the names of economic citizens who were issued with such passports and the current status of their appointments. In fact the new Government should have made a point early on of calling in all diplomatic passports issued to persons not in government employment and reissuing to genuine diplomats. Their failure to do so opens them to suspicion of condoning the practice or maybe even continuing it. 
    A Freedom of Information Act would enable the public to get such disclosure but a separate law should be enacted to require publication in the Gazette of the names of every person who has diplomatic status. My prediction is that we will get neither.
    You can publish this.
    Happy New Year,

  2. Subject: Re: CBI in 60 Minutes:  A Reflection by Patrick Martin, MD
    Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2017 10:49:03 -0500
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    Isn’t your major concern not the existence of the program, but the lack of transparency on how the funds are being used to develop the island?  Even though you’ve never used these words, a fear that this has turned into a variant of Dutch Disease.  

  3. Too many of us were suckered into becoming critics of the CBI which was an indigenous (and successful) response to the global meltdown of 2008. To this day we insist on shooting ourselves in the foot, rather than acknowledge that we were shortsighted to focus on the negatives of this pioneering program. We should concentrate on making improvements with our interests in mind and not become accomplices to first world hypocrisy and hegemony.

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