Genocide Denial, the Root Cause and the Treatment Plan

This was my letter (with some minor corrections and clarifying links) in response to Prof John McMurtry’s submission to Science for Peace membership on the topic: North Korea: Genocide Denial.

“As long as genocide denial governs the dominant discourse beneath recognition, it can go on from one people to the next whose social order does not conform to the US-enforced geopolitical agenda . The major operation is to deny there is an issue at all, that genocide is only a political term or that the leader of the people suffering genocide is evil. There is no end of this operation even today, as we see in from the lead denial camp within Science for Peace.

Denial is backed up by a more commonplace diversion from ever mentioning genocide at all, and directing of all attention instead, at best, to the evils of war and nuclear weapons in general, or to the US-designated Enemy who is passionately blamed for evils that, while even true, are incomparably less life-threatening and mass murderous than the US-led forces of genocide which are in operation yet again with the same modus operandi.

This reverse projection operation seems never to be named except to elicit the circle of genocidal denial all over again. “Do you support the corrupt and evil brute Saddam Hussein?” goes to “Kim is the most corrupt despot and brute in the world”. In this way, the society and its people – usually with better public health care than the US accuser – are once again ground into permanent destitution and dependent helplessness.

Is this the real objective that genocide denial assists in implementing without knowing it?”

Dear John:

You have asked a loaded question! It is one question to make 1) a diagnosis, but it is another to 2) identify the root cause and 3) also to formulate the treatment plan.

I agree that genocidal or even eco-genocidal denial is the correct diagnosis and is related to the life-blindness of our modern propoganda-programmable minds, and hence why many without compunction readily encourage and even commit many crimes against humanity and ecology. For 99% of the history of our species as small-band-hunter-gatherers, this was not the case and we lived in harmony with each other and our environment. We were more in tuned with our human nature and with nature in general via our internal validating toolkit – our emotional GPS system. (Please see: From Life-Blind Mindedness to Life-Grounded Heartfulness: Our Emotional GPS Revealed, and An illustrated guide to our long forsaken Emotional GPS.)

So why are we out of balance and not in tune with the rhythms of social and planetary life, and why have we long forsaken our emotional GPS that connected our circadian rhythms within, with the social rituals around us, with the planetary seasonal cycles without? What has disconnected us from each other and the planet’s nurturing nature and distorted our human nature from nurturing each other and the planet in return? This would have allowed us to continue the gifting economy that is stewarded by the gifting sunlight (fire), soil (earth), oxygen (air), distributive solvent (water) and planetary mother-offsprings nurturing loving relationships at different levels of life organisation (ether or quintessence), which we did not create and of which we are totally dependent on for our survival and thrival?

So what is the root cause of this disconnection, estrangement or separation (our original sin, if you may) that has created this eco-genocidal denial? I honestly think that the root cause has been our cultural neglect of our emotional GPS’s primary role in validating our experiences as being life-enabling or life-disabling. We have outsourced this gift of our true human nature of being other-interested as social beings to a hyper-rationalizing intellect no longer grounded in this organismal emotional GPS guiding life-supporting system within. As a result, as individuals and as a collective, we have been co-opted by life-groundless fake religions, economic, political and legal constructs that have manufactured with our tacit consent dominant-submissive exploitive and extractive systems. These social constructs encourages individual salvation in this world and the after-world by self-maximizing interest and not that of other-optimizing interest, be it of other species including our own, or that of the planet. So we have become beholden to fake authority and fake guidance from without rather than the true authenticity and agency from within to use our full emotional GPS toolkit to guide our rules of engagement, not only within ourselves, but also between each other and Mother Earth as we endeavour to structurally couple our individual development and evolution with that of our social constructs/institutions with that of our planet.

So how does this help us to formulate a treatment plan in overcoming our mass life-enslaving and life-denying delusions and guide us back to regain the life-harmony and life-coherence within ourselves, and with each other and the planet? The road to healing and solidarity at all levels of life organisation cannot come from extractive and exploitive life-destabilizing institutions from without, but can only occur when we become 1) aware of the life-supporting emotional GPS toolkit within that have been gifted to us by the gift of our birth-right life, 2) we deal with traumas and neglects and abuses of the past that have stunted our individual and emotional and consequently our social development via the nurturing, caring and for-giving and for-ever-giving gift of mother-offspring love, as we 3) communally and collaborative engage with our emotional and cognitive GPS toolkits, each other and our planetary resources in sustainable manner via the gift of our creative imagination. By so doing we would begin to see conflicts as opportunities for learning, maturation and development as our rules of engagements are transformed from self-interested life-denying ones to other-interested life-embracing and life-enabling ones in the spirit of UBUNTU – I am because we are!

I honestly believe that we are all doing the best we can given our level of awareness, understanding and appreciation of the problems and the opportunities to solve them, but by neglecting the primary driver (base) of our living being, our emotional GPS, and outsourcing this to the secondary driver (superstructure) of our fallible institutions, we end up internalizing our exploitative and extractive separation-promoting institutions into our ideologies, instead of externalizing the fruits of our collaborative, inclusive and integrative emotional and cognitive GPS toolkits to fashion and steward our social constructs and institutions in the most life-coherent and life-harmonizing manner possible. In other words, so without, so within.

I no longer see our eco-genocidal denial in repression-projection terms any more, but more as reflection of that which is within with that which is without. Also I no longer see our eco-genocidal denial in self-interest/other-interest terms, but more in terms of a self-reflection and other-reflection dialectic. Thus reflection here has a double meaning and they both complement each other. In order to reflect on the life necessities of others we have to reflect on our own self-life necessities. How we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. By violating other people’s right to their universal human life necessities, we end up violating our own universal human life necessities, and the FEAR, RAGE and GRIEF/PANIC/SEPARATION DISTRESS and the neglect of SEEKING, INTIMACY, CARE and PLAY we impose on others, is reflected in the same emotions we impose on ourselves. (Please see: Watch Jaak Panksepp – Human Nature and Early Experience.)

And Hillel was correct, “That which is hateful to you, do not unto another: This is the whole Torah. The rest is commentary — [and now] go study.” This is the primary axiom of the Torah which has been upgraded to Explaining Life-Value Onto-Axiology | The Primary Axiom of Life Value and the Universal Human Life Necessities and Principles of their Provision by Prof John McMurtry. Once the primary axiom of value is known, understood and appreciated along with its opportunities for wisdom, the rest is commentary and we must now all go and study.

So in summary, it is our hyper-rationalization using false ideologies to overcompensate for our emotional underdevelopment and deficiencies from our childhood onwards, that have created an unintended consequence of mass delusions and especially our ecogenocidal denials with most of us not knowing about it in the first place, a taboo of sorts, which stunts the actualization of the self and realization of a peaceful, loving and just society. It is only in becoming aware of the primacy of our emotional GPS which is stewarded by your LVOA cognitive GPS, would the secondary actualization of our social constructs and institutions be made whole and inclusive again and the needs of everyone would be able to be satisfied within the rhythmic life-valued rituals of our society within the means and cycles of our planetary life-supporting systems.

The biggest question that remains is how do we go about operationalizing this treatment prescription in the shortest time possible before it is too late.

As I have stated in the beginning John, you have indeed asked a very loaded question. This requires the full use of our innate gifts to be utilized – the gifts of life, of love, and of communal and peaceful creative imagination that resonate in synchrony and syntropy as we as individuals and as a collective endeavour to evolve hand in hand, heart in heart, and mind in mind to become in quick time more inclusive and more fully life-coherent with each other and Pachamama, our planetary Mother.

Peace and love,


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