VIDEO: Scott Andrew gives oral submission to NZ Parliament (CP/TPP)

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May 17, 2018

Thank you for the time today.

The big lies coming from The Money Party have become so automatic, that few notice them.

This moving around of the deckchairs would be laughably absurd, if it wasn’t for our capsizing planetary condition now making rising depression, anxiety and suicide rates the new normal, called by you “economic growth”.

A sane society would have, as the number one priority, the protection of the universal human life necessities through instituted binding life-protective law, which, of course, objectively defines, quantifies, ring fences and most critically, systematically protects that without which life capacities are reduced or destroyed.

But, instead, all we have is rule of the money-code. Our Collective Life Capital doesn’t even have a name.

I have read through all chapters of this “agreement”. Where are the universal human life necessities even named? And connected?

Unbelievably, there is no criterion of NEED in this doctrine. It simply dissolves into WANTS.

All organic, social and ecological life requirements are absurdly assumed away. They don’t exist.

Now, this is not a trivial blind-spot. It has predictably fatal consequences for us all; but still unseen in connected response.

For example,

  • We currently use the annual output of the planet’s resource in 8 months;
  • The air, soil and water cumulatively degrade and disappear;
  • With 70% of NZ’s ecosystems now under threat;
  • the climates and oceans destabilize without connection;
  • species become extinct at a spasm rate across continents;
  • and with 2 men now owning more “wealth” than 30% of the NZ population;

How else would a cancer system behave??

In chapter 1 of your negotiated document, a “good” is defined as any priced commodity.

Therefore, even objective bads priced for sale (e.g., bombs and junk foods) are absurdly called “goods” – by definition; regardless of the rising disease epidemics of non-contagious diseases – cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.

But drawing this connection is unspeakable.

The cancer system most catastrophically attacks life-systems at every level, but life is not an economic category nor its means at any level. Hence, your life-blind document defines mass homicide by system starvation and ecocide as “development”.

Here is where we can finally touch bottom and anchor in what no-one can dispute without rejecting human and planetary life itself – as documented in my submission, the Primary Axiom of All Values and Universal Human Life Needs/Necessities. They spell out the universal life ground and value system in exact and measurable terms across domains. These principles and algorithms of life value are self-evident across perspectives, societies and the world. They are universal and without limit of validity. They together form the ultimately regulating life coherence principle to govern not only trade agreements, but all moral, economic, mathematical and political theories which, again, are structurally life blind.

This is ultimately a war between Life Capital and Money Capital at every level – but not yet understood in those terms. The imposition of this “trade agreement” can only predictably eat the body of our society at every level of life organisation.

Life Capital is the wealth of means of life and life goods that produce more without loss in cumulative gain through time.

Claimed “capital” which does not directly or indirectly produce means of life through time is false capital, and is inefficient in proportion to its misallocation of scarce economic resources to its growth.

And with the years-long public backlash against this life-blind treaty; how can you, as human, continue to conflate money-value growth with life-value growth??

This ruling superstition is more barbaric than any before.

The meaning is clear. Valid law is a collective life capital formation providing the rules to live by that coherently protect and enable life. Human rights are instituted claims of all to what enables their life capacities to be realised as human. Sustainability is of collective life capital, or it is a fraud. Intergenerational equity is access to collective life capital across generational time without loss, or it is a lie.

This structural violence and social murder being imposed by The Money Party masked as “wealth creation” is an assault, and in form, a civil human rights violation.

This system is a self-generating cancer, and it’s time the social immune system rises to take it down.

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