Collective agency

Collective agency: A concept which is little understood in philosophy and the social sciences which dominantly focus on, respectively, agent-relative methods of analysis or aggregates of individual choices. It is best understood by the rule systems people(s) make or follow as societies – the ultimate and ongoing choice process of societies which govern the lives… Read More

Collective choice

Collective choice: A concept ruled out by atomic or “agent-relative” methods of analysis, but implicit in civil commons. See also social choice. Sen, A (1998), The Possibility of Social Choice”, 37pp. Trinity College, Cambridge: Nobel Lecture [This lecture provides an incomparably rich documentation of the literature on social choice, demonstrating there is no conception of… Read More

Collective life unconscious

Collective life unconscious: Distinguished from Karl Jung’s psychoanalytic (or as he calls it “analytic”) category of the “collective unconscious” as the collective life unconscious with Jung’s archetypal collective unconscious a secondary expression of it. For example, Jung considers the figure of Goethe’s Faust as an “archetype” of the collective unconscious. There is the “conscious soul”… Read More