Manufactured Consent, Credibility and Confidence in A Fake New World (Dis)order and what this means for Reparative Justice

The world (dis)order we have inherited today is not natural and has been manufactured by a misguided privileged ruling class of rich white propertied men. What I have come to realise as of late is that the Rule of Law that we in the West are indoctrinated to respect and uphold is basically a disguised Rule of these same rich white propertied men. As usual in these mind-bending matters, I always ask “Cui bono” or “for whose benefit” and it at once becomes clearer that these man-made laws serve to legitimize a corrupt system that benefited from the acquisition and accumulation of natural resources such as land from Native Peoples, from the work of enslaved people, and from the surplus gains of the productive underclass. In simple terms, it is a form of protectionism for legalised theft for the privileged few at the expense of everyone else, and has served to amplify advantages and disadvantages.

And it is beginning more and more to be realised that the drivers and gatekeepers of this legitimized corrupt system are the money masters and money changers of this world who have in effect globalised their operations and transformed our life-giving and life-supporting planet into a global banking/financial plantation that harvests the money supply as debt and rents it out as interest to everyone else under their command and control. Let us pause and think of this fact for a moment. The productive groupings of people, who are dependent on the money supply for provision, distribution and consumption of life goods to satisfy life needs, are forced to have their promise to repay their debts monetized with usurious compound interest, and the bankers who are engaged in double-entry book-keeping end up profiting off the hard work of the households, firms and governments that are charged with the responsibility of keeping our families, communities and nation afloat. Instead of liberating the creative ideas and energies of the individuals to the collective, it has served to enslave everyone else in the majority to the whims and fancy of the minority ruling moneyed class.

So this begs the mother of all questions!  If the Rule of Law is supposed to protect our freedoms and democracy and liberate our creative juices to help solve life’s problems so as to help create a more stable and secure environment for the operation of its citizens and help adjudicate against conflict and remediation of damages, why is it now seen as fake and only serves to protect the ill-begotten propertied and moneyed gains of absentee rich white men and their overseers who have inherited those ill-begotten gains?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm advocate for the Rule of Law! But if for all practical purposes, in its design and implementation it is a disguised form of Rule of Man serving the vested interests of the ruling class, especially the moneyed interests, how can this be right, just or fair?  If one party of these social compacts come to us with unclean hands, and the other party is not well-informed of what is going on when these major legally binding contracts are made, does that not make the purported Rules of Law null and void? If slavery and apartheid were once legitimized in the Rule of Law in certain jurisdictions, what confidence do we have now that our present Rule of Law is now still not protecting and upholding illegitimate systems and institutions in the service of a group of unscrupulous men?

If our Fake Rule of Law upholds and protects our present Fake World (Dis)order, and consent, credibility and confidence in this corrupt system has to be manufactured by deep state actors, such as bankers, lawyers, accountants, historians, media and military personnel who serve as vested interest courtiers and retainers for the ruling class, is there a way we can transform our social compact so that it is now based on a True Rule of Law that is based on true consent, is credible and will engender confidence in its transformation to a more stable and secure system than the ones from before? Can we have a Rule of Law that is compatible with Nature’s laws, that does not privilege one group of people, of a particular place or a particular time, and also serves to embed and embody our rules of engagement into the greater life-giving and life-supporting systems of society and planet on which we all depend?

Is the time ripe now for us to make the distinction between the terms “legal” and “lawful” where what is “legal” is predicated on a disguised Rule of Man masquerading as the Rule of Law, and what is “lawful” has to be fully coherent with the laws of nature (such as the laws of thermodynamics and the constructal law which are universal in governance), AND also to be fully coherent with the preservation and protection of the life-giving and life-supporting systems of society and planet, so that EVERYONE’s universal human life necessities (basic human needs) are SATISFIED within the means of the planet? Should this not become a universally accepted RULE of LAW that provides the strongest irrefutable foundation from which we can anchor and steer our other rule-creating and credit-creating activities in order to create a fairer, safer and more just world? If by doing so, would we not be able to solve many of our social contradictions and in effect give credence to the concept of reparative justice that is crying out in the wilderness to become actualized as we endeavour to repair the life-sustaining integrity of the rule-creating and credit-creating systems?

And further more, since these rule-creating and credit-creating activities have now become public goods rather than private privileges, doesn’t this now behoove us to make all of our deliberations more transparent and accountable and hence more trustworthy, instead of being designed behind closed doors, so that it is no longer the “tacit” consent of men, but informed consent and understanding of all concerned?  And by so doing, would this now allow us to regain confidence and trust in the stewards of our institutions and enterprises, where our rules of engagement at every level would now be more enlightened, and our education systems and other systems of socialization would now be based on a solid life-grounding.

If we can only begin to do this, and begin to see the fakeness in the system, we can use these insights not to blame and create further damages, but to repair the damages of the past that has been caused over the millenia by our insecure groping in the darkness of our ignorance of the overriding governance structures (the laws of thermodynamics and constructal law), and the life-giving and life-supporting systems of our society and planet. Once we have come to accept that the true Rule of Law is equivalent to the Rule of Life, then we can use this as our compass to guide all of humanity in a more consensual, credible and confident manner as we transform our present Fake World (Dis)order into a Brave New World Order, now no longer ruled by a group of privileged moneyed and propertied interests, but now one that is capable of repairing the injustices of the past, and setting the record and history straight, as we plot a better and brighter course to repair and preserve and protect the integrity of our social and planetary life-giving and life-supporting systems that have mothered us through thick and thin thus far.

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