The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure | Prof John McMurtry (2013)

For Life on Earth

First published 1999 by Pluto Press
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Second edition first published 2013

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McMurtry, John, 1939-, author

The cancer stage of capitalism: from crisis to cure / John McMurtry. – 2nd edition.
First edition published: London: Pluto Press, 1999.
Co-published by Pluto Press.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 978-1-55266-592-3 (pbk.)

  1. Capitalism – Moral and ethical 2. Economics – Sociological aspects. 3. Economic history. 4. Marxian economics.

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The nature and conclusions of this now almost 20-year study have made it a rather solitary project. Taboos block system diagnosis and cure at all levels. So without the support of others, the work might not have reached book publication. Pluto’s commissioning director and former chair Rogervan Zwanenberg proposed the plan for the ‘very unusual’ second edition. When Roger retired, David Shulman became his vitally supportive replacement. Jeff Noonan and Giorgio Baruchello have been responsive co-researchers in the advance of life-value onto-axiology. In the hardest days near the end, Joel Bakan read the new first chapter and responded with a revealing review which bridged across the editions.

What specially prepared me for this second edition was a seven-year research project for UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. Although an independent project entitled ‘Philosophy and World Problems’, the concept of ‘life-support systems’ as our ultimate bases of being alive is the bedrock on which I build.

Persons who have been kindly supportive or helpful in this edition include Ellen Brown, Allan Connolly, Jim Fetzer, Rajani Kanth, Peter Joseph, Wahu Kaara, Stephen Lendman, Jeff Noonan, Marcel Schlaff, Bob McMurtry, Matthew Stanton, Frank Trotz and Howard Woodhouse. Tracey Dando has been an acute proof-reader. Responses and editing throughout the multiple drafts by Jennifer Sumner have been more than invaluable.



1. Decoding the Cancer System and its Resolution

2. The Ancient Taboo

3. The Pathologization of the Free Market

4. The Social Immune System and the Cancer Stage of Capitalism

5. The Paradigm Shift: From Cancer System to Life-Capital Economy

6. The Great Vehicle of the Civil Commons



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