The Mystery of Money – Beyond Greed and Scarcity | Chapter 3 | Bernard Lietaer (2002)

We can now integrate the findings of both previous chapters into a single map.

Specifically, I am incorporating the missing archetype of the Great Mother in Jung’s quaternio as interpreted by Moore and Gillette (Figure 1.4). The final result is Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1 The (more) Complete Archetypal Human

To make the archetypal map as gender neutral as possible, the title of “Provider” will sometimes be used as synonym for the “Great Mother” archetype. This way both men and women can more easily identify with both the masculine and the feminine aspects of themselves. Such attempt at building up gender neutrality is yet an additional reason to use the Yin-Yang concepts as explained next.

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The Mystery of Money – Beyond Greed and Scarcity | Chapter 2 | Bernard Lietaer (2002)

Reproduced from: Chapter 2: The Case of the Missing Archetype “The Tao is called Great Mother: Empty yet inexhaustible, It gives birth to infinite worlds.” Lao Tzu “For a civilization, history is the unconscious.” Richard Tarnas Question: How would Inspector Hercule Poirot (the Belgian Sherlock Holmes) discover that an important archetype is missing in… Read More

The Mystery of Money – Beyond Greed and Scarcity | Part One – Chapter 1 | Bernard Lietaer (2002)

Part One provides all the tools necessary for this book.

First we need to learn the language by which we can cogently describe collective emotions – the language of archetypes (Chapter 1: The Language of Archetypes).

Then we embark on a historical detective story to find out what happened to the archetype to which money relates most closely (Chapter 2: The Case of the Missing Archetype).

Finally, we build an archetypal map that captures in as simple a way as possible the broadest range of human emotions. (Chapter 3: The Archetypal Human).

It is this map of the Archetypal Human that will be tested later in Part Two against historical evidence; and in Part Three against some important real-life issues related to our contemporary money situation.

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The Mystery of Money – Beyond Greed and Scarcity | TOC – Introduction | Bernard Lietaer (2002)

Why has money become such an influential force in the world today?

Why does it generate such powerful and polarized emotions in most individuals?

Collectively, why do supposedly rational financial markets periodically suffer from extraordinary irrational and destructive manias and crises?

The journey to which this book invites you will provide the key to understanding the core emotions that are implanted in our money system, and make it such a powerful compulsion in our societies. It is a journey inside our own heads, bringing to conscious awareness one of the last taboos of Western society: our money. Talking about a taboo is hazardous. Pointing to a society’s shadows is, by definition, risking to upset many people. Talking about emotions and archetypes in a book on money is unconventional. So why this book that deals with the taboo of money by exploring the collective emotions it generates?

To truly understand how money shapes society “out there”, we need to complete the circle and bring into the light how it connects “in here”, inside our own psyche. After all, that is where the engine that is driving it all is hiding.

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Coming Out of the Shadows into the Light

“The Tao is called Great Mother: Empty yet inexhaustible, It gives birth to infinite worlds.” Lao Tzu “That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” CARL GUSTAV JUNG “The Kingdom is spread out inside you and outside you. But you don’t see it.” Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas*… Read More

Beyond Greed and Scarcity by Bernard Lietaer – Yes! Magazine 1997

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