A World in Balance? | Bernard Lietaer | 2003

The theme of this issue of Reflections – “the feminine approach to leadership” – will be addressed in this paper through the question: what would be different in a society in which the feminine was really honored? Honoring the feminine encompasses not only equal rights to women, but also runs a lot broader and deeper. Indeed, it translates into an entirely different worldview, one where an equal balance is achieved between the masculine and the feminine.

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Coming Out of the Shadows into the Light

Three articles got me thinking as of late about the deep wounds we have suffered as a people and how this must have had some severe consequences on our deep collective psyche. They were: Why America’s Existential Crisis is Good for the WorldAtlantic freedoms – Haiti, not the US or France, was where the assertion of human rights reached its defining climax in the Age of Revolution, and President-Elect Trump: A Gift? If you have not had a chance to read them, I urge you to do so as they provide some food for thought and some clues of long-term repressed emotions that may have been plaguing us up to this day.

These in turn call for a form of collective cultural psychotherapy to bring to light the shadows that are responsible for our dysfunctional disorderly behaviours. This is not going to be easy for you the reader and is going to cause much anguish and pain, but if we are going to see the light, and this we must, we must first shine the spotlight on the repressed shadows of our individual and collective unconscious so as to bring them to consciousness so that they can be engaged, corrected and rehabilitated with as much sensitivity and love as we can. Although I have been dropping hints over the years in my blog articles that the cause of much of our disorderly dysfunction is our capitalistic cancerous monetary system, I hope to provide the evidence for once and for all to show how this system acts as the DNA of our societies and programmes us and our institutions to act in ways that undermine our individual and collective best interests.

The individual that connected the dots for me and confirmed my suspicions was Professor Bernard Lietear. His unpublished manuscript The Mystery of Money – Emotional Meaning and Operation of a Taboo, his interview with Yes! Magazine Beyond Greed and Scarcity, and his published book coauthored with Stephen Belgin New Money for a New World helped convince me that I was on the right path of understanding.

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