Towards a better understanding of the full life-coherence principle

In order to better understand and appreciate the world around us, we build models and theories and apply the rigors of mathematics to make predictions to see how closely these models describe reality.  As has been shown before, through John McMurtry’s lifelong work, almost all of our models and theories of the world have been life-blind (and… Read More


This article was initially posted at on April 29, 2012. You can also download the article in pdf format here. Abstract In this short note, the key to unlocking the secrets of quantum physics will be elucidated by exploring the fundamentals of Schrodinger’s wave mechanics approach to describing quantum phenomenon. We will show that de Broglie’s wave-particle… Read More

The atoms of space

In this brief note, it will be shown that space may have hidden properties normally attributed to elementary particles, such as mass and charge. We will also elucidate the thermodynamic properties of these atoms of space by modelling these atoms as ideal gas entities propagating disturbances at the speed of light. We have only demanded consistency in the formulas for circular motion, Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence, wave-particle duality, Planck-Einstein equation, Newton’s law of universal gravitation, Schwarzschild solution of general relativity, the Reissner–Nordström metric and black hole thermodynamics. We will then use the adiabatic index formula to elucidate the degrees of freedom of these atoms of space. We will also reinterpret Einstein’s theories of relativity, solve the mystery of the double slit experiment, muse on the physical nature of dark energy, and finally uncover a possible blindspot that may have hampered progress in constructing a consistent and complete theory of quantum gravity.

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