‘What Is Good? What Is Bad? – The Value Of All Values Through Time, Place And Theories’ by Prof John McMurtry

‘What is Good? What is Bad? The Value of All Values across Time, Place and Theories’ by John McMurtry, Philosophy and World Problems, Volume I-III, UNESCO in partnership with Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems: Oxford, 2004-11.  “All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic… Read More

John McMurtry on Project Sanity – “Knowledge is the secret of all human advancement”

 Adapted from: https://projectsanity.online/episodes/19 Ep 19 VIDEO PREVIEW – John McMurtry explains the immutable social imperative to flip this cancer paradigm to life-coherence and how knowledge is the secret to all human advancement. In this episode, Project Sanity host Scott Andrew is joined by Dr. John McMurtry to define Project Sanity in the context of our clinically… Read More

The Primary Axiom of Value / Universal Human Economy

The Primary Axiom is realised in the world by the following complete set of universal human life necessities and their axiomatic criteria/measures of life goods, capital and efficiency which govern the Universal Human Economy (“the missing alternative paradigm”). Read More