Seeding, Feeding and Weeding our Physical, Mental and Social Gardens of LIFE | WINNFM – OPERATION ROOM August 21 2018

On August 21st, 2018, I was invited on Dwyer Astaphan’s Operation Rescue Radio Talkshow on Winn FM 98.9 to discuss a wide range of issues that deal with the health of individuals and society.

I have used the definition from the Wold Health Organization as the base for the discussion.


Also I have used the concepts from The Gardens of Democracy of tilling and tending by seeding, feeding and weeding the gardens of our physical, mental and social bodies to underscore the fact that the health of our bodies and that of our nation depends absolutely on all of us providing an integral and coherent nurturing life-enabling and health promoting environment at all levels of life organisation.


And most important of all, I have made the bold statement that there is a fundamental contradiction between growing money-capital wealth in the market and growing life-capital wealth in our lives and that of our communities and our planet, and that the former severely undermines the later via our dominant education, business and marketing life-disabling practices.

As explained in Complexity Economics Shows Us Why Laissez-Faire Economics Always Fails:

“Markets are a type of ecosystem that is complex, adaptive, and subject to the same evolutionary forces as nature. As in nature, evolution makes markets an unparalleled way of effectively solving human problems. But evolution is purpose-agnostic. If the market is oriented toward producing junk and calling it good GDP, market evolution will produce ever more marketable junk. As complex adaptive systems, markets are not like machines at all but like gardens. This means, then, that the following must be true:

–The market is often wrong.

–Markets distribute goods, services, and benefits in ways that often are irrational, semi-blind, and overdependent on chance.

–Market outcomes are not necessarily moral—and are sometimes immoral—because they reflect a dynamic blend of earned merit and the very unearned compounding of early advantage or disadvantage.

–If well-tended, markets produce great results but if untended, they destroy themselves.

Markets, like gardens, require constant seeding, feeding, and weeding by government and citizens.

–More, they require judgments about what kind of growth is beneficial. Just because dandelions, like hedge funds, grow easily and quickly, doesn’t mean we should let them take over. Just because you can make money doing something doesn’t mean it is good for the society.

–In a democracy we have not only the ability but also the essential obligation to shape markets—through moral choices and government action—to create outcomes good for our communities.”

It is hoped that by life-grounding our markets and all of our parliamentary rules of engagement of our democracy in life-valued good governance integrity rules such as accountability, transparency and equity, we will all, inclusive of the governed and those who are governed, be able to till and tender, by seeding, feeding and weeding in life-valued ways, a democracy and an economy that are without contradictions and are now fit for life’s purpose.

There is a parallel in the governance of the body politic of society and the governance of our human bodies, the former which is emergent at a higher level of life organisation from the latter. It is hoped that one would understand that for individual health, one needs to protect the Integrity in the Plumbing Life of our circulation and the Freedom of Information Flows in our nervous systems, just like in our nation we are pushing hard for Integrity Legislation to prevent corruption of our Nation’s Life and protect its Integrity via operationalization of Integrity in Public Life and Freedom of Information Act Laws. This is crucial and necessary so as to protect our leaders and prevent their unsuspecting capture by nefarious money-valued life-disabling elements.

I have extracted clips of the discussion obtained from that are relevant to the discussion at hand and I hope that with this appetizer, we will be able to become a beacon of light, wisdom and understanding in being an example to the world of how we can life-ground our nation by having health and life-value as the bedrock of all of our policies, guided by life-valued attitudes, principles, metrics and priorities, to ensure the creation, implementation and operationalizing of life-protective integrity/anti-corruption laws.

I have redesigned this blog site with LIFE as the focus, and I have used as its tag line, Professor John McMurtry’s quote “Knowledge always win in the end, but not unless and until it is known.”

I have also compiled a glossary of terms of Professor McMurtry’s life-work on Life-Value Onto-Axiology which will allow point-of-care definitions to pop-up while reading over terms that you may not be familiar with to help create better meaning and understanding, if you are so moved to explore and so choose to study.

It is ultimately hoped that this seeding of the mind as this medium strives to be the message can help us feed ourselves and others with life-enabling knowledge and weed out among us the life-disabling thoughts, felt sides of being and actions that have plagued us up to this day and replace them with life-enabling and life-protective ones.

Happy listening, and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, concerns, and queries, as we co-creatively, mind in mind, heart in heart and hand in hand, help till and tender healthier, life-valued, integral gardens within, without, and around us, through and through.


One thought on “Seeding, Feeding and Weeding our Physical, Mental and Social Gardens of LIFE | WINNFM – OPERATION ROOM August 21 2018

  1. Interesting discussion, especially about the difference between previous society, which was much more equal and the current one/ although your island shows some extremes in that respect.
    Your notion it is caused by electronics makes sense, although I believe the core reason is a different one. It is caused by globalization of economy which creates larger inequality localy everywhere. Higher income differences, which on their turn lead to more agression.

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