A nucleus of an idea whose time has come

In a previous post entitled Is our credit creation system the father of all pathogenic human interferences?, I endeavoured to compare and contrast the delocalized mitochondria that sufficiently powers our cells in our bodies via ATP production (without debt and interest production), and our centralalized banking system that insufficiently disempowers our communities in our nation-states via debt-producing compound-interest… Read More

Why is a focus on the bottom line literally a race to the bottom?

The race to the bottom is a socio-economic phrase which is used to describe government deregulation of the business environment or taxes in order to attract or retain economic activity in their jurisdictions. An outcome of globalization and free trade, the phenomenon may occur when competition increases between geographic areas over a particular sector of… Read More

Is CORRUPTION the invisible hand of the free market?

In my search for understanding of why life-capital at the planetary and social levels of life organisation are being spoiled and deprived while money-capital in terms of the money indices like the global GDP and stock markets continue to increase over time, I am beginning to believe that we have a global corrupt system in which public office and public resources (life-capital) are being captured and abused by private entities for private money-capital gains. I will be using as my ground of understanding Prof John McMurtry’s life-value analysis in this discussion to shed light on this global corruption that seems to have its hands working behind the scenes invisible to the majority of us.

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Life Capitalism – One Life-Science to Rule Them All

In order to transition from our present death economy and birth a new life economy, we need to bring new life-tools to our toolkit of investigations and experimentation. Given the recent realisation that our present economic science, in its present incarnation can be described as a form of “alchemy,” we have now to ask what… Read More

Expanding our Public Health System to include Collective Life-Capital Health

“Natural capital’ is an understandable attempt to put a value on our living planet and all the services it provides for us, writes John McMurtry. But it fails by measuring nature in dollars and cents. We need to develop a new concept of ‘life capital’ that must be preserved from exploitation and degradation no matter… Read More

Taking stock of our life capital and life goods and their decouplings

The fact that our life capital and life goods are not primary in all of our rules of engagements in the spheres of religion, politics and economics is a telling indictment of our rules of governance. As a result, almost all of our deliberations are not life-coherent and they serve to undermine the life capacities of the life goods enumerated above.

As a result we have lost the sense and awareness of the power of these life goods to cohere and reinforce in each other the life-supporting networks within our bodies (for example the circulatory and immune system), the life-supporting networks across that connect bodies to each other (the social, cultural and vocational goods), and ultimately the life-supporting networks without that support our individual and collective bodies (the atmospheric, bodily, home and environmental goods).

Interestingly, the capacities, integrity and sustainability of the life-supporting networks within and without are totally dependent on the life quality of our social, cultural and vocational goods across boundaries. When our social, cultural and vocational deliberations and rules of engagement are life-enabling, then both the networks within and without are also life-enabling. When our constitutions, treaties, policies, laws, and religious, scientific and economic theories decouple from being life-enabling and hence life coherent, then these life goods are compromised and our life capital becomes debased and our rules of governance life-disabling.

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