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issue no. 89
Modern monetary theory and its critics
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Introduction: Whither MMT?
The editors

Alternative paths to modern money theory
L. Randall Wray

Initiating a parallel electronic currency in a eurocrisis country – why it would work
Trond Andresen

An MMT perspective on macroeconomic policy space
Phil Armstrong

Monetary sovereignty is a spectrum: MMT and developing countries
Bruno Bonizzi, Annina Kaltenbrunner and Jo Michell

Are modern monetary theory’s lies “plausible lies”?
David Colander

What is modern about MMT? A concise note
Paul Davidson

Modern monetary theory: a European perspective
Dirk H. Ehnts and Maurice Höfgen

MMT: the wrong answer to the wrong question
Jan Kregel

Modern monetary theory and post-Keynesian economics
Marc Lavoie

Money’s relation to debt: some problems with MMT’s conception of money
Tony Lawson

The sleights of hand of MMT
Anne Mayhew

Tax and modern monetary theory
Richard Murphy

Macroeconomics vs. modern money theory:
Thomas I. Palley

Louis-Philippe Rochon

Modern monetary theory: is there any added value?
Malcolm Sawyer

The significance of MMT in linking
money, markets, sector balances and aggregate demand

Alan Shipman

The political economy of modern money theory, from Brecht to Gaitskell
Jan Toporowski

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