The Fallacy of Endless Economic Growth / A Bibliography of Limits

Aldous Huxley predicted this eventuality. “There are many roads to Brave New World,” he wrote in 1958. “[B]ut perhaps the straightest and the broadest of them is the road we are traveling today, the road that leads through gigantic numbers and accelerating increases.” A planet with a population and economy so large it produces a permanent civilizational emergency, a state of constant crisis, is one ripe for “permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government.” This would be the ultimate irony of the growthist faith, underpinned as it is by free-market fundamentalism: Only the tyrannical state, with its monopoly on violence, its enormous bureaucracies, its tentacles reaching into every facet of life, will have the power to save us from the stupidity that we called the freedom to grow forever. Read More