Sexual Investment and Diversity Foundation

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away and closer than you may think, there lived a community of people who were in dire straights.  They did not have the foresight and did not have the commodities, goods and services to attract enough income to provide for their basic needs.  One day, a lawyer from outside came across one of the elders of the community, and he realised that although they did not have commodities, goods and services to bring in foreign income, they can provide sexual services of the highest quality which is always in great demand.

This elder lacked vision and had not invested in his people, and did not understand the gifts that were bestowed on his community in terms of the richness of the soil, sand, sea and sunshine, and the potential richness of the physical, mental, social and spiritual capital of his people, if he so chose to help actualise.

He at once was wooed by this lawyer into the flow of financial income that would have resulted if the sexual services of his people were capitalised on, and they set about hiring a marketing consultant to manufacture credibility of the program.  They began to advertise the dire straights they were in, and that a contribution to their Sexual Investment and Diversity Foundation would help the people become educated and help them provide for their basic needs, and once the clients have undergone their due diligence checks to ensure they are not carrying any venereal diseases, they can, if they so choose, be granted access to the services of an esteemed group.  The marketing consultant went to great pains to manufacture credibility of the program by insisting that the aim was the procuring of the financial inflows so as to better the lot of the community, rather than the selling of sexual experiences, and he assured the community that the bulk of the money would go to the community rather than the elders and founders of these services.

The community at first were a bit hesitant in taking the advise of this lawyer and marketing consultant, but they realised that at that point in their history, and given the lack of vision and foresight of their elders, they could not afford not to go along with this scheme.  They were able to convince themselves that they were not compromising their values and selling out their patrimony, and that their founders were not pimping and debasing the community.

One day, one of the clients donated handsomely to the foundation, and unknown to the councilors, he had picked up a new virus from his homeland, that was not tested in the batteries of due diligence checks for venereal diseases.  Eventually, he started to pass on this disease to the other members of the establishment, and what was once coveted by outsiders became frowned upon and despised.

Interestingly, in the process, although the members of the community were prostituting themselves, the elders of the community scraped off most of the proceeds and hid them away from the prying eyes of the community.  The funds that were to serve the community evaporated, and eventually the elders, lawyer and marketing consultant were banished from the community.

A new group of elders, lawyers and marketing consultant were then chosen by the community, but instead of disbanding the Sexual Investment and Diversity Foundation, they persisted with this scheme and suggested it would be better run, knowing fully well that they were still prostituting themselves and their people, as it was not the people and their development the clients were interested in, but their sexual services.

The million dollar questions now are these!  Can the elders and the community afford to do otherwise?  If not, why not?  If we can do otherwise, how can we best invest in the richness of our soil, sand, sun and sea and the physical, mental, social and spiritual capital of our people, without prostituting ourselves to the highest bidder?

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  1. My doctor, I am at home laughing so hard. This is the best serious humour I have had in months. I love it! Thanks for the insights!

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