An open letter to the world


Dear Earth Citizens:

I came across this video yesterday.

Original video was made in December 9, 2011.

Also this date of 28 May 2016 is popping up on many alternative sites.  What is so special about this date?

Is the build up of military power around China and Russia and the destabilization of the Middle East with ISIS and the “corruption” scandals in the BRICS and release of Panama Papers a pretext to hold on to power for continued life-destructive US hegemony?

Is there a better and less destructive way of reseting the international financial system without wars and pretext for wars?

I know 99% of the world want to get along, but why can’t level heads prevail and reset the system based on the life-value principles to guide understanding and application of our life-blind monetary system?  Since we know better now, why can’t we do better?

Don’t we owe this to our children and our grandchildren?

Isn’t it cheaper and less life-disabling to help feed, teach, clothe and nurture our “enemies” than to kill them?

Is the number one export of the USA their life-destructive technologies (intelligence/oil/banking/military/petrochemical industrial complex), to overcome their balance of payment deficits for their profligate borrowing and spending spree, just to prop up a life-blind dollar, that has done more harm than good to our civil commons?

This is insane!!  Why can’t we have a Truth and Reconciliation international financial system exercise, to reset our financial system to one that is now fully life coherent, fully life-enabling than disabling?

Isn’t this not in everyone’s best interest?

Any thoughts?

Please be mindful of the fact that we live in a closed life-supporting system, and that the system is overdetermined with many redundancies, hence the ability of our system to escape its eventual collapse.  Also, one action has ripples and consequences in many spheres of understanding, so by looking at all systems at once, you can determine the direction and magnitude of the velocity of change, and then work backwards to find the unifying cause of all causes –  which is the fragility of our monopolistic monetary system devoid of life-value coherent principles.

The sooner we wake up to this realization and change course, at all levels, the better off we will be.

Peace and love, 


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