‘What Does China’s “Ecological Civilization” Mean for Humanity’s Future?’ by Jeremy Lent

Reproduced from: https://patternsofmeaning.com/2018/02/08/what-does-chinas-ecological-civilization-mean-for-humanitys-future/ China’s leader, Xi Jinping, affirms an ecological vision that is in line with progressive environmental thought. Is it mere rhetoric or does it have a deeper resonance within Chinese culture? The answer may ultimately have a profound effect on humanity’s future. Imagine a newly elected President of the United States calling in his… Read More

“China and the Ecological Civilization” by David Korten

Reproduced from: http://davidkorten.org/living-earth-econ-for-eco-civ/ (An earlier version of this paper was prepared for and presented to the 2016 Donghu Forum on Global Governance: Symposium on Green Development and Global Governance, Hauzhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.) Abstract: We humans are now a truly global species. Our common future depends on our successful transition to an Ecological Civilization… Read More