A life-course approach to health: synergy with sustainable development goals | Bulletin of the World Health Organization

The aim of this article is to show how a life-course approach can be extended to all health topics, age groups and countries by building on a synthesis of existing scientific evidence, experience in different countries and advances in health strategies and programmes. Aligned with the Sustainable Developmental Goals and Universal Health Coverage, a life-course approach can facilitate the integration of individual, social, economic and environmental considerations. Read More


PAHO TV Published on Oct 18, 2016 The life course approach suggests that your current state of health is usually a result of your previous life experiences. Reproduced from: https://www.paho.org/salud-en-las-americas-2017/?p=69 BUILDING HEALTH THROUGHOUT THE LIFE COURSE Introduction Health is a component of and a key resource for human development. It results from a cumulative process of… Read More