Why are our institutions no longer beacons of light and why have they become shadows of darkness?

I have lost faith in the institutions of our society, be they our schools, churches, businesses and as of late our government. Instead of being beacons of enlightenment, they have become shadows of endarkenment. We have heard recently from an economist that about 88% of our students are being left behind. Our churches are failing in reaching out to the spiritually sick and are now only preaching to the choir. Our businesses are more concerned about profit and the bottom line, rather than the social and environmental consequences of their lack of engagement in their communities. And a government of national unity appears to be united in name only.

How is it that these institutions which are supposed to mold our minds, hearts, hands and policies, are failing miserably in their fiduciary duty to provide the highest standard of care and stewardship for the people they serve? And why instead of seeing progress on these fronts, are we seeing uncertain days ahead? And finally, why instead of seeing the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we are in fact in the majority witnessing disease and death, mental and debt enslavement, and the production and distribution of misery?

Even our communities and families are more divided than ever before and less trusting of each other. Not a day goes by without a criminal incident being reported in the news media!! I gather we are up to 29 murders for the year, and an ATM was recently stolen from an airport to boot. And our security forces appear to be impotent in apprehending the suspects of these henious crimes, and some are beginning to wonder if the reason why has to do with rogue elements that are spoiling the whole bunch. We are also beginning to see nepotism and cronyism in high places, and three high officials in the Ministry of Health being sent on vacation/forced leave, all in the space of months of each other.

This begs the question of what is going on? Have the stewards of these institutions been corrupted to self-serving desires rather than other-serving needs, or is there something deeper going on where the rules of engagement and the present operating system are no longer fit for purpose and given our history of enslavement, colonialism and neo-colonialism, have the guardian and stewards taken on the roles and masks of our previous masters?

In my previous blog article entitled, “Be Still, and Know…” – From Breakdown TO Breakthrough, I explained the series of events that led to my breakthrough in appreciating that our view of the world was distorted, incomplete and inverted, and why our inherited “enlightened” world view based on reason had blinkered out the intelligent cosmic life ground that anchored and steered all level of life organisation from the individual to the planetary level.  As a result of this endarkenment, in the real sense of the word, our social constructs, covenants, and contracts and their institutions have been steered by the invisible hands of the banking-industrial cartel, this time based on no life-coherent principles or criteria. As a result we are governed by an artificially centrally controlled, monopolistic, manufactured scarcity based on bank-debt fiat monetary system. This has undermined and corrupted the integrity and sustainability of all life capital from soil, water, air, oceans, rivers, animals, plants, and the communities of people on the planet. (Please see: Adam Smith’s Invisible Hands Revealed!!)

As a result, given the absence of this life ground in our collective consciousness, all of our institutions since the so called Age of Enlightenment, have evolved to serve the diktats of the money masters, the robber barron back then, and the new robber barrons now, to produce disposible cogs in the mechanical wheels of their enrichenment, via their schools, churches, factories, workplaces and civil society. As a result, the physical, mental and social welfare of the citizens and that of our evolutionary cousins and that of Mother Earth are neglected, and a program of subordination by bread and circus tactics, with divide and rule strategies are implemented to keep us from trusting each other and to continue fighting among ourselves. As a result, civil society is weakened, and governments collude with big businesses and with media to create deception, fear and hatred, that undermine the social glue of comradery, solidarity and peace that unite society in common purpose and common cause for betterment of ourselves and our families. No wonder we are seeing the convergence of crises at home, in the region and the wider world!!!

What we need now is to bring back truth, hope and love into the governance of our institutions, but given they are creations of vested interests of power and wealth, I do not see how we can wait for transformation to start at the top. As we have seen in our local situation, we are seeing a rotation of faces, and not a revolution with genuine players. Many of us rallied for a change in leadership buttressed on the principles of unity of common purpose, accountability, transparency, equity and good governance, but I am sad to say we are seeing more of the same and in some cases, especially in my field, even worse. I for one was hopeful, but given the symptoms and signs of the machinations in our midst, all without bilateral open communications and redress, the prognosis does not bode well for the nation.

Our nation has been captured by foreign money elements and there may be little wiggle room for us to maneuver if the status quo remains and our institutions continue as business as usual. But I have no choice but to be hopeful, as admitting defeat is not an option. The only solution I see going forward is if we transform our institutions guided by the updated life-grounded bottom-up map of valued reality where:

1) our banking system is transformed from the cancerous money multiplying sequencing system to one that is based on life-grounded coherent and enabling principles, incorporating public banking and complementary currencies (Ellen Brown on Why We Should Own the Banks),

2) our schools no longer become factories to produce workers or carreerists, but now become crucibles of consciousness to help create informed critical thinking coorperating individuals who are encouraged and enlivened to solve our local, regional and international pressing problems, and no student is left behind,

3) our churches are transformed from tribalistic religions to a life-affirming in the here and now coherent spirituality, which can bind its many diverse faiths in strength via a new found oneness of interdependency, now not only based on faith but scientific evidence of an all pervading lifegiving coherent cosmic force in the universe (Watch “Spirituality Vs Religion by Dr Ray Hagins” on YouTube and  The Empathic Civilization — An Address Before the British Royal Society for the Arts — By Jeremy Rifkin – March 15, 2010),

4) businesses that are guided by the The Conscious Business Declaration – A New Standard for Business in the 21st Century,

5) a government which puts life-affirming coherent health in all its policies in place, with anit-corruption laws to safeguard the stewardship and managment of the public purse, and finally

6) a civil society guided by the media, be it conventional or social, that serve to mutually improve their lot by sharing information in a truthful and timely manner and this underguirded by hope, love, comprehension, concilliation and forgivenesss, which can only increase the social and trust capital as we become testament to the truth that ALL LIFE AND ITS QUALITY MATTERS.

If we do not have these tranformative events in ALL of our institutions, I am disheartened to say that things will only get worse, and our institutions will continue to be shadows of darkness in their generation of hate and fear and negative outcomes, and the beacons of light and love and hope will be extinguished by the disorderly dysfunctional leadership of those who were elected and appointed to serve, as stewards and guardians of those institutions, which truth be told are the living organs of our society.

I know that if we put our mind, heart, spirit and soul into this collective effort and unite as one coherent body with a common purpose, we can by the grace and strength of this cosmic life force move mountains. The question that has to now be asked is if there is the political will to listen and be energised by this same cosmic life force to join with the people from the ground/bottom up, in leading the way?

We can only pray and hope, and if necessary, blog some more until the mind is open and the heart is softened to a true understanding of what it means to be a life-coherently united people.

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