Is our credit creation system the father of all pathogenic human interferences?

In the last two blog articles, Sitting in the right pew but wrong church and Is pathogenic human interference the cause of our social and planetary woes?, I have been unwittingly asking a lot of “what if” questions as it pertains to our understanding or should I say misunderstanding of our true human nature and the authentic human journey. What I now realize is that this is in contradistinction to the modus operandi of the orthodox economists who approach these all important questions with closed minds and cold hearts by providing solutions based on “as if” scenarios.

Pathogenic selves

We are told that we behave “as if” we are rationally competing with one another to maximize our own self-interests, although our real world experiences tell us that this assumption is totally fake and not in keeping with reality.  As a result many fake theories and models in economics have been put forward and embraced by policy makers who have endeavored to mold us all into their false image of what we are not, but of the “as if” players that they wanted us to be.

Pathogenic marketplace of virtual currencies

What is rational for them is now based on maximizing one’s self-interest by competing in a marketplace via monetary exchanges, not in real currencies of universal entities such as energy and information transfers, but in virtual currencies of fake transfers now based on financial instruments such as credit, debt, bonds, bills, shares, futures, MBS, CDS, etc., now denominated not in energy equivalents, but on fiat money and digital book-keeping accounting. And what has resulted over the millennia is that we have created a virtual worldview with fake assumptions and false predictions totally disconnected from and totally unregulated by the life-giving and life-supporting flows of energy and information at the individual, the social and planetary levels.

By attempting to unplug and disassociate ourselves from the patterns and organizing principles that govern healthy relationships within and without, we have adopted a system that at its core is fundamentally incompatible with other interconnected life-systems on which we are totally dependent for our support and sustenance.

Let me explain.

Salutogenic network of relationships based on natural flows of real energy

All of life beings on this planet are absolutely dependent on the flows of energy that come from the sun. This solar energy is harvested and stored as chemical energy by cyanobacteria in the seas and the plants on land – the primary producers. This energy is then transferred from plants to animal species who become the consumers of this energy as they transform the energy to make their body parts and to move and to do work. When each life being ceases to respire, the stored energy within their bodies is then released by the recyclers in the soil, be they bacteria, fungi and other soil animals.

Sometimes the recycling of matter and the transfers of energy are interupted by geophysical processes as they become compressed by layers and layers of sedimentary rocks that transform via heat and pressure the energy locked within their carbon bonds to form the fossil fuels of coal, gas and oil. For the most part this process takes many millions of years and this form of ancient solar energy is essentially locked and stored underground.

It was until we discovered this stored energy that we, as a species, were able to literally move mountains and fill valleys as we leveraged this energy potential on scales never before seen, outside of geological and cosmic forces. We had bulldozed our way onto the planetary scene as a species, both in unimaginable and unmanageable ways which accounted in major part for the degenerative trends we have witnessed over the years.

The rule of law in thermodynamics

“The second law of thermodynamics says that when energy changes from one form to another form, or matter moves freely, entropy (disorder) increases.”

What is to be noted here and is very important to grasp for the rest of the article is that in every step of the energy transfers and transformation processes, the efficiency is always less than a hundred percent and hence entropy would have to increase over time as dictated to us by the cosmic second law of thermodynamics. In order to minimize energy wastage as entropy, living systems had to learn to cooperate in coherent ways so that energy is stored appropriately and transformed prudentially at every level of life organization.

The universal energy currency within living beings

So material waste of one system is used as food for another. The transfer and recycling processes within each cell of each organism from microorganisms to plants and animals are powered by a universal basic energy income of ATP that is produced in sufficient amounts and on-demand to match the needs of the cells at the moment. The most active organs of brains and muscles use a rapidly mobilizable reserves of high-energy phosphate bonds in the form of creatinine phosphate to ensure that when the production of ATP is low, it can be topped up without much delay.  All of this is regulated by the mitochondria which are the equivalents of communal banks within our cells.  It is the guidance by the needs of the cells that determines how much of this ATP credit is produced and recycled per cell, thus embodying the principle of subsidiarity at the cellulr level.

The energy reserves

Since the amount of energy that is available to be consumed is not constant, either from the sun at night for plants or from lack of food during times of fasting or famines in animals, other means of short-term and long-term storage were required. These reserves take the form of glycogen where the energy is stored when in excess in polymerised stacks of carbon bonds in glycogen in all cells, and fats which are securitized in specially derived cells called adipose tissue. They in turn release their energy stored deposits on demand as credit to the cells in times of ATP and creatinine phosphate deficiencies, so as to top-up their shortfalls.

Regulation of energy flows is managed locally at the cellular level

As is evident from the workings of all life beings, the flow of energy (and information) is regulated from the bottom-up by the needs of the cells, and the behaviour of the organisms is such that those needs are met. To coordinate the actions of the tissues or organs of the organism so that their survivability, homeostatic and social needs are optimized for present and future challenges, we have a central information processing internet, (comprising the en-skulled brain and its peripheral connections and the mobile immune system and its surveillance and sentinel nodes) that learns, stores, retrieves and are able to act on lessons learnt from our evolutionary (as coded for in our DNA) and developmental past (as coded for by our neurological and immunological synaptic connections).

The gross bodily product of energy flows is not indicative of the health of the organism

There is no central planning unit at the top that guides credit creation at the cellular level, but there is a system of local information collection that guides the rate of circulation of blood containing oxygen and nutrients to the cells as the need arises. Although we can quantify the gross bodily product (GBP) of energy throughput in terms of cardiac output of the heart or the metabolic rate of the organism, these single indicators do not give an indication of the health of the organism.  As the distribution of this energy to each cell and tissue is regulated locally by the small vessels whose caliber is in turn regulated by feedback from the local environment of the cells, a person may have a high throughput of energy in terms of GBP, such as a patient with an overactive thyroid or metastatic cancer. For example, as cancers syphon up resources and energy, they create large areas of energy deficiencies in other parts of the body, hence resulting in wasting and lethargic metabolism in other body areas in terminal patients.

Energy value depreciates when it is transformed and does work

Although all ATP produced in the cell is dependent on the transfer, storage and transformation of energy through and via other living beings, there is always depreciation in energy value from the time of its absorption by plants up to the recycling of elements in the atmosphere, soil and water. As we only absorb only a fraction of the solar energy, the amount of more energy we can capture and use for more life processes is for all practical purposes limitless. So in effect, although energy depreciates, the more than enough energy input from the sun becomes a gift to all living beings. All life processes are not charged interest or put into debt when the life-giving rays of solar energy impregnates Mother Earth with energy value to produce Her myriad of life offsprings.

The rule of law of thermodynamics is broken by our credit creation system

If we look at the credit guidance system of our economies, we realise at once that our banking system is equivalent to the mitochondria in our cells. However, in creating money to facilitate transactions in our complex world, our banking systems have created barriers and tunnels of energy and information flows, that have been decoupled from the thermodynamic principles of the physical world and have come to consume the stored energy potential of life-organization of the individual, social and planetary life hosts that they have already been invested and diversified over billions of years.

The pathogenic credit creation process revealed

Instead of credit being created free-of-charge on demand by public utilities for life-giving and life-supporting purposes to fulfill universal human life necessities and manage and maintain critical infrastructures and institutions of the society and planet, banks use this man-made social privilege to accumulate more money without end. They charge interest on the debt that is owed to them, not based on any real world energy currencies, but monetized by nothing tangible but only our promises to repay in the future. The consequence of this form of virtual or fake energy production has been cataclysmic, and the fatal flaw in its creation can now be laid bare .

Firstly, unlike real energy that depreciates with its recirculation as waste heat that is radiated from the planet, this fake energy, which is created from nothing, appreciates and grows exponentially given the compounded interest rates and markups in the price value chains of transactions. As a result, the credit creation system is anti-thermodynamic in principle!!  But since the banking and financial system is embedded in and dependent on the life beings and resources that are further dependent on social and planetary life support systems, this credit creation system externalizes the waste in the form of accelerating entropic life-destruction. This is based on the rule of the second law of thermodynamics which dictates net increase of entropy of the entire planetary system, thus manifesting as an out-of-control cancerous system that would eventually kill its planetary host.

Secondly, since it is economic growth based on money valued growth that make our fake money-denominated world go round, it is no longer the distributive energies of the sun powering the regenerative capacities of the planet that is in the driver’s seat.  Our credit creation system stem-celled by our cancerous banking system now feeds on and extracts the energies of the life supporting systems of society and planet and produces all the degenerative trends we now see in plain sight.

Thirdly, as the flows of this virtual/fake energy are unnatural and not harmonious and compatible with the distributive potential of regenerating systems from bottom-up, to continue to be sustained, it has to be micro-managed from top-down. Instead of having bottom-up local guidance of credit creation, we have now top-down central planning micromanaging credit guidance which is now channeled to the most destructive processes that brings exponentially increasing returns in money-value.

And finally, given that the planetary management of this man-made new world dystopian order of people and resources are absolutely necessary to prevent collapse of this fake system privileged by the money masters and money changers, guardians and stewards of the people of nation states have to be “captured and bribed” to waste resources to defend this cancerous system. Thus explaining the wasteful creation of police states and the prison-industrial complexes along with the military-intelligence-media industrial complexes.

Transforming our credit creation system to make it fully life-coherent

These degenerative trends will only accelerate and get worse if we do not act now to create a credit creation system modelled on the wisdom of a healthy, thriving living body, based on the for-ever-giving nature of mitochondria and ultimately that of the sun, which gives of themselves in service free of interest and debt creation. Since credit creation now is going to be guided by the production, distribution and consumption of universal life goods and remediation and rejuvenation of our social and planetary life support systems enacted by an ecology of life-vocations, there is a chance that we can escape this runaway cancerous systems that was never fit for life-purposes in the first place.

Since we will be using the wisdom of nature within our bodies and in our ecosystems to cooperate, it is now life-irrational to compete with each other “as if” to maximize our own-self interest by insecure accumulation of life-necessities that are now no longer made scarce by our cancerous financial system and their political retainers and courtiers.  I hope you will ask yourself going forward “what if” we cooperate to minimize our own collective-interest of energy wastage and degradation. Hopefully, our new system would empower us to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and redistribute our life goods in service from where they are unused to where they are most needed.

Any approach short of transforming our creation system to one that is now fit for life purposes and harmonizes and coheres with the cosmic principles of energy recycling and minimization of energy wastage so as to meet the needs of one and all within the means of the planet will be only accelerating the inevitable outcome!

I hope we are able to effect the transformational change in ourselves that we want the world to be and be able to do so in quick time before it is too  late.  If we are not able to come together and do so, then I hope my understanding and reasoning has been misguided and misconstrued, as I cannot see any amicable outcome for the status quo by continuing as business as usual.

Please share if you think this article is worthy of further deliberation and will sow the seeds of constructive inspirations and discussions going forward.  We need all hands on deck to save our Spaceship Earth and all of her inhabitants and to guide Her human inhabitants back on course to undo and remedy the damage that the father of all human interferences have wrought onto this planet.