“Imago Integralis: The Aesthetics of Integral Life” by Alexander Schieffer from kosmosjournal.org

Reproduced from http://www.kosmosjournal.org/article/imago-integralis-the-aesthetics-of-integral-life/ Imago Integralis: The Aesthetics of Integral Life By Alexander Schieffer I. Longing for the Integral Life This article introduces a new integral perspective on life and provides clues of what it might mean to live life as a contribution to the cultural renewal, aesthetic unfolding, and holistic development of self and society, community… Read More

Integral Worlds Theory Deconstructed and Applied to a Deeper and Wider Understanding of the Life-Grounded Self Via Illustrations

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent signifying our preparation for the symbolic “re-birth” of the founder of our Catholic faith – Jesus Christ. My family was honoured to be given the privilege to light the first candle to signify Jesus’ light coming into this world. And it was yesterday that the significance of my… Read More

The Trans4m Movement – Integral Worlds Theory: Articulating a “Whole” (New) Perspective

Trans4m is a local-global movement driving integral transformation processes to address today’s burning issues by actualising positive impact via new integral thinking and action.

Integral Worlds is a pioneering approach for the holistic development of individuals, organisations, communities and societies. It serves to address imbalances – within an individual, organisation, community and or society, but also within specific fields, such as economics, enterprise, or human development. Over the past decades it has been gradually applied to a large number of knowledge fields: from economics to management, from development to education – with its applications, in theory and in practice, ever expanding. The Integral Worlds approach is simultaneously transcultural, encompassing the wisdom of the south, east, north and west; transdisciplinary, spanning the natural and social science and the humanities; transpersonal, straddling individual and community, organisation and society; and transformational, evolved out of original and particular local grounds towards integral global effect. Integral Worlds serves as the core knowledge base for the Trans4m movement. Read More